About us - Our Experts for Your Printing Success

Vision Experts GmbH, situated in the technology and business region Karlsruhe, South-West Germany, is a specialist in comprehensive inspection in the production of premium-quality print products soanning the entire production process. The systems in our VE 4000+ inspection family are used exclusively for 100% inspection of print and finishing processes in the graphic industry.

Applications range from quality control of paper and to final inspection of the overall production result with 100% print image inspection. There are dedicated solutions available inside the VE 4000+ systems family: DIGITAL, LEAFLET, METAL, PAPER, PHARMA and FLEX.

Our powerful solutions for print inspection detect – customized to your needs – even minor printing flaws before they become a serious problem and thus contribute to considerable cost savings for you and your company. We are among the leading suppliers of intelligent machine vision print inspection systems – with over 400 installations for 100% print inspection in over 20 countries. Our solutions are working in web and sheet-fed printing machines as well as converting equipment. Our list of customers includes leading printing machine manufacturers, international packaging manufacturers and medium-sized businesses all over the world. Let us convince you today.

Our VE 4000+ Inspection Solution for Your Printing Needs: