July 2015
Partnership between KBA-MetalPrint and Vision Experts
Metal decorating leader KBA-MetalPrint becomes distributor for the print inspection system VE 4000+ METAL from Vision Experts

Vision Experts is already widely known on the international market as a manufacturer of inspection systems for monitoring of the decoration and finishing of packaging and other print products. Indeed, in the field of print inspection for metal decorating applications, Vision Experts has assumed a leading role in innovation over the past few years.

There are many users worldwide who are interested in a print inspection system which can be integrated into their metal decorating press. Such a system is capable of detecting not only printing flaws, but also colour deviations. It warns the operator immediately, helps to localise the source of arising problems, and facilitates timely intervention in the printing process. All quality defects are recorded in a report and affected sheets can be ejected immediately on the basis of various criteria. In case of a systematic problem, it is also possible to stop the feeder. The use of VE 4000+ METAL serves to reduce costs while at the same time improving the overall quality of the print products.
Inspection systems from Vision Experts are already in successful use with many customers of KBA-MetalPrint and have earned a very good reputation through their exceptional reliability and user-friendliness.

6-colour MetalStar PR with the Vision Experts inspection system VE 4000+ Metal

Thomas Groß, sales administration director at KBA-MetalPrint: “Thanks to the cooperation with Vision Experts, and not least their excellent product, we are able to offer our customers further added value and an evident lead in quality monitoring for our high-performance metal decorating presses.”

Paul Dirr, sales director at Vision Experts, adds: “We are delighted to be able to work together with such a renowned and future-oriented company as KBA-MetalPrint. They possess a broad, international customer base – also in countries in which we have not been present to date. That is a fantastic opportunity to generate further interest in our systems. Both KBA-MetalPrint and Vision Experts attach great importance to customer orientation and are well known for their innovative products. Our partnership with KBA-MetalPrint will enable both companies to strengthen their reputation on the market.”

Vision Experts inspection system VE 4000+ METAL

For further information please contact:

KBA-MetalPrint GmbH
Wernerstr. 119-129
70435 Stuttgart, Germany
Phone: +49-711-69971-0
Fax: +49-711-69971-670

April 2015
Arkin Metal Decides for Leading Metal Print Inspection Company Vision Experts
First installation of VE 4000+ METAL system in Turkey

Ismail Tecim, General Manager of Arkin Metal, is satisfied: “I am proud of our company. We have decided to be a leader in technology in Turkey by investing in modern print inspection provided by Vision Experts.” Tecim did not decide easily. Rounding off a market-analysing visit to Metpack 2014 they decided for the company with the metal print inspection that best fits Arkin Metal’s search for technological advancement and highest sheet print quality.

Ismail Tecim emphasizes: “Germany’s Vision Experts was our first choice because of its distinct expertise and their status as reliable business partners. Once we found this partner the decision was made quick and easy.” Production Manager Onur Tecim points out he especially appreciated the Vision Experts reference installation in a South-West German company: “VE’s in-house developed Colour Monitor option could detect problematic inking zones and take immediate automatic steps to correct over- or underinking. This, coupled with our print operators’ positive feedback, convinced us.”

The inspection system VE4000+ METAL was successfully installed on a KBA Metalstar 2 with five colours plus coater in December 2014. Hans-Hermann Bibel, Managing Director of Vision Experts, is content: “We are excited that the first Turkish company has decided for our camera-based decorated metal sheet inspection system. Arkin Metal is a persuading partner in a vivid market.” and adds: “We know the VE4000+ METAL's precise fault monitoring abilities detecting even the subtlest flaws during the metal printing process will ensure reproducible quality for Arkin Metal and continued reliable product output.”

Onur Tecim recaps: “We have concluded the installation in our printing site in Düzce in January. The quick and comprehensible training by the Vision Experts installation team was a welcome sight and an excellent experience for us and our team.”

The intelligent Vision Experts VE 4000+ Inspection System running on Arkin's KBA Metalstar 2 five colour printing line

February 2015
NCI Invests in Quality Assurance Inspection System VE4000+ METAL by Vision Experts
First inspection system for decorated metal sheets in Australia installed

NCI is the No. 1 supplier of paint and coatings packaging and a leading supplier of tinplate aerosols in the region with a presence in 6 countries: Vietnam, Thailand, Fiji, Papua New Guinea, New Zealand and Australia. From its origins as a specialist manufacturer of cans, NCI has evolved to become a key product partner to many of the region's leading paint, food and aerosol brands.

With over 60 years of experience, privately owned NCI Packaging is highly respected within the industry and has been consistently awarded for providing superior Customer Service against key metrics such as delivery performance and quality of product.

The company understands that the appearance of its customer products is vital, leading to NCI investing in Germany-based Vision Experts’ high quality end-to-end decoration technologies and top-of-the-line inline inspection system VE4000+ METAL.

Glenn Chuter, General Manager of NCI Services, the Sydney based decoration site, has been searching for an inline vision system solution for several years. Glenn Chuter took the chance to visit a Vision Experts’ customer in Europe and found exactly what he was looking for. In January the system was installed in Glendenning by an engineer from Germany together with Vision Experts’ local sales and service partner Vision Inspection Technologies.

“We are already familiar with the system and have started to take advantage of the system’s power”, Glenn Chuter explains and continues: “We have challenging production jobs as we print several designs on each metal sheet. Therefore an inspection system is of great help to assure quality right from the start”.

VE4000+ METAL does inspect each and every metal sheet during printing. Faulty sheets are alerted and automatically ejected. A comprehensive protocol logs all defects found for evidence and evaluation. VE4000+ METAL is the leading product for inspection of decorated metal sheets worldwide.

Hans-Hermann Bibel, Managing Director of Vision Experts, is proud to have NCI as the first customer in down under: “I met with business owner Michael Tyrrell and was impressed by his clear vision and strict commitment to quality and customer satisfaction. Thus we came to good agreement with Glenn Chuter of NCI Services.”

“We did start to show the inspection system to our customers and they really like it. We plan to install a second one after the full roll out of the first one”, the General Manager of NCI services adds.

Camera and Light Box of Vision Experts' VE4000+ METAL inspecting KBA Metalstar output at NCI, Sydney.

September 2014
Metaprint AS invests in inspection system for metal decoration from Vision Experts

With more than 100 years of experience in the field of metal packaging Metaprint AS in Tallinn, Estonia strives for cutting edge technology. The company makes aerosol containers and printed metal sheets. The core values of Metaprint are customer orientation, responsibility, environmental commitment and sustainability. The enterprise is reaching these goals by continuous improvements and investments in quality and technology and by elaborate quality control solutions.

The owner of Metaprint, Martti Lemendik, said: “We can reach our goals only by using the newest technology; our investment in the print inspection system from Vision Experts improves our overall process and helps us to save waste. Thereby, the decision for this system was easy. We have decided for the best working solution in the market – the VE4000+ METAL.”

The Vision Experts camera based inspection system was retrofitted on a five-colour KBA Sprint built in 2008. Rabi Karim, the Project Manager of Vision Experts says: “We already have equipped such machines at several places. We have meanwhile large experience with all types of decoration lines. Therefore, we can quickly install our system on any kind of machines.”

One of the almost 200 employees of Metaprint is the print quality manager Kaisa Kriiva, she emphasizes: “Everyone could quickly handle the system after short training time. We easily understood how to set up of an inspection job and learned the entire handling. “Even our temporary staff members took it up very quickly so we could benefit from the solution.”

Marko Aja, the Chief Engineer is excited about the special inspection tool called Colour Monitor: “It is much easier for the printer to follow the colour variations and he gets alarmed for over- and underinking and thereby can prevent many misprints.”

Hans-Hermann Bibel, CEO of Vision Experts is very confident. “We now have more than 20 of our full sheet inspection systems in the field. It is amazing to see how quickly our customers see the benefits of our product and how they achieve improvements in their daily business of metal sheet decoration.”

Metaprint, here its headquarter in Tallinn, is the new customer of Vision Experts.

May 2014
Great Success for Vision Experts at Metpack 2014

Metpack 2014 in Essen was an exceptional success for Vision Experts. Can makers and contract printers from more than 40 countries showed their big interest in the new solution for 100% inspection of metal decorated sheets. It was also the first time that the company exhibited at Metpack. Vision Experts could demonstrate realistically on a machine how VE4000+ METAL works. “We are very happy with the feedback to our demonstrations. It was possible to show all features of the system. That convinced the professional audience,” says Hans-Hermann Bibel, Managing Director of Vision Experts.

The audience was enthusiastic about the very fact that the system does not only detect print flaws but also measures colour density and finds problems from damaged rubber blankets and printing plates. On top of that, the solution also measures the sheet-to-print positions and avoids problems with die cutting and slitting. Hans-Hermann Bibel is very content with the exhibition: “We have gained new customers and increased the awareness of the professional audience for our product. We look forward to the next convention – the Propak in Bangkok in June this year.”

Vision Experts booth at Metpack 2014 in Essen.

March 2014
Independent Can is a pioneer in this industry – All printing lines equipped with inspection system

The US American tin manufacturer and contract printer, Independent Can, is the first company in the USA to equip all of its printing lines with 100 % print quality inspection. The company is run by the fourth generation of the family and works under the motto: “To be the best – not the biggest”. After the company had already equipped both sheet metal printing lines in Belcamp (Maryland) in 2013, Vision Experts was also commissioned for the printing line at the new works in Vandalia (Ohio). The works will be productive from July 2014. Independent Can will then have equipped all of its printing lines with VE 4000 + METAL. All products will, therefore, be inspected for flawless printing at Independent Can. The machine operators and management were very quickly convinced by the print quality inspection system. Simple operation and the impressive qualities of the system led to this repeat investment within just a few months.

Vision Experts screen next to the printer control desk.

February 2014
Italy based metal decorator Metalprint S.P.A. invests
in three Vision Experts full sheet print inspection

Metalprint S.P.A., Valmadrera, Italy, situated at the Comer Lake was founded in 1924. The company is one of the biggest service companies for metal decoration in Italy with international customers. Metalprint S.P.A. has invested in three print inspection systems of Vision Experts, which are integrated in their metal sheet decoration lines. Metalprint supplies decorated metal sheets for 2-piece and 3-piece cans. The Italian company takes care of its good reputation and emphasizes the long-lasting interest in high quality. “Our customer can see that we look after the quality, that’s one motivation to invest in print inspection,” says Francesco Gualteroni, member of the owner family and CEO. “We are the first supplier of decorated metal sheets, who implemented 100% print quality inspection in all of his production lines”.

The inspection systems VE 4000+ METAL were retrofitted on a 6-colour KBA Metal-star 2 and on two 2-colour Mailander printing lines. The line-scan camera systems check 100% of all decorated metal sheets for any kinds of print flaws and colour variations. Hickeys, spots, scumming, colour changes, scratches and many other imperfections are detected and alarmed by the vision system. Amazingly, not only the well-trained press operators are working with the system, but also the auxiliary staff was able to use it in a very short period of time.

Managing Director, Francesco Gualteroni, emphasizes “Vision Experts was our first choice. We have studied the market and decided for the supplier with the highest specialisation in metal decoration. Furthermore, the good references of Vision Experts did convince us.” Print inspection of metal decorated sheets is a relatively new technology. Advantageous is the constant quality, the traceability of each sheet and each batch and the feature to remove bad sheets. The operator will be alarmed if a quality problem occurs at an early stage, so that he can take corrective measures early. Thereby, the system saves waste.

Daniele Longhi, production manager of Metalprint S.P.A, is very satisfied with the new systems: “The systems on our Mailander presses were operational within a day. Our staff already knew the handling from the first installation and we could start working with it right away.”

Francesco Gualteroni has one central hint for all decision makers. “Don’t loose time by analyzing the market, decide yourself quickly for this particular system. It works.”

The very compact inspection unit of the VE 4000+ METAL integrates in any decoration line. Each metal sheet is inspected for printing flaws and other imperfections.

December 2013
Independent Can invests in Vision Experts
Two print inspection systems installed

The US Company Independent Can, based in Maryland invests in print inspection system of the German based Company Vision Experts. Two systems are already running. VE 4000+ METAL for print inspection of metal decorated sheets is retrofitted in two 6-colours sheet decoration lines KBA Metalstar 2.

VE 4000+ METAL is a user-friendly system, which has proven its road capability in Europe and the USA. It persuades print operators and managing boards. Especially the easy handling convinces Rick Huether, CEO of Independent Can, he says: “Something that was amazing to me: The press man took to it very quickly. The learning curve was very short and they considered an asset.”

VE 4000+ METAL can be integrated as a retrofit in all current printing machines. The system is built-in behind the last printing unit and inspects all optically visible faults to 100%. This includes printing flaws, hickeys, spots, ink splash and scumming. Damaged rubber blankets and printing plates are detected reliably. The fault tolerance of the inspection can be fine-tuned.

All faults are recorded and can be saved as a PDF or database. Traceability of the production is guaranteed. A detailed quality report can be generated.

The performance of the system is up to 9000 sheets per hour. Up to 1200×1000 mm is possible as sheet format. Depending on various selectable criteria, any sheets with serious defects are ejected automatically. Rick Huether says: “As fast as we run our Metal Star lines to inspect is critical and so many sheets are coming through per minute that the operator sees this is a true asset.”

VE 4000+ METAL has become an essential element of the quality program: it saves material and thereby costs, secures a steady quality and drives towards stable and good relationships to the packaging customer.

The CEO Rick Huether is content with his investments: “We are very pleased with the system” he closes his statement.