Satisfied customers form the basis of our growth and therefore partners in a shared future.

We are continually working on new technical solutions with commitment, flexibility and an orientation towards results.The success of our customers is always at the heart of our thought processes and actions here at Vision Experts. This motivates us to establish common objectives and long-term relationships.

Provided here is a selection of satisfied customers who we have supported in successfully implementing their printed material inspection projects.

Hoffmann Neopac AG, Thun, Switzerland: METAL

We are very happy with the cooperation with Vision Experts. VE 4000+ METAL was the right choice for us in the future.

Urs Mauerhofer, Manager Print and Lacquer

August Faller KG, Waldkirch, Binzen, Großbeeren: PHARMACEUTICALS

“Automatic 100% inspection systems in the production process represent the future of the printing industry – starting with quality and security related products such as pharmaceutical packaging and printed value papers. Our decision to do business with Vision Experts was and still is the right one.”

Nikolaus Reichenbach, Director and Manager of August Faller KG’s PharmaServiceCenter in Waldkirch

Essentra GmbH: PHARMA

“Vision Experts did an excellent job. In every phase of the introduction they assisted us competently, gave us comprehensive training and intensive coaching. Even above the agreed scope of delivery they flexibly fulfilled our special requirements. Thanks to the inline vision system with PDF comparison we exactly know our print quality and avoid rejects.”

Michael Pellert, Essentra Site Manager Wolfen

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CPM Internacional, Madrid: FLEX

“In our efforts to constantly improve the quality of our products, we have been looking for an inspection system which supports us in doing so. We have chosen Vision Experts, because they have a longstanding partnership and good technical Integration with one of our printing press manufacturers.”

Lucio Marina, Senior Managing Director of CPM Internacional

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Demelle, Turnhout/Belgium: PHARMACEUTICALS

“Never again will I buy a printing press without in-line inspection. We are extremely satisfied with the systems and service provided by Vision Experts.”

Guy Daniels, Managing Director


“100% inspections with PDF-comparisons is becoming the standard in printing for the pharmaceutical industry. How do we benefit from 100% inspections? We avoid misprints, have greater customer loyalty and are better positioned on the market.”

Johann Gaß, Managing Director, Partner

Eukerdruck GmbH & Co. KG, Marburg: PHARMACEUTICALS

“My goal has always been to conduct comprehensive inspections from the PDF stage onward. Thanks to Vision Experts, we now know the quality of each and every sheet printed which allows us to eliminate mistakes.”

Dietrich Mägerlein, Managing Director

Heidelberger Druckmaschinen AG, Heidelberg

“Back when we were making our decision, we thoroughly examined the qualifications of various inspection system providers and chose Vision Experts as our partner. When it comes to certain printed materials, having an integrated quality assurance system in the printing press is essential.”

Christopher Berti, Vice President Product Management Prinect & CTP

L.N. Schaffrath GmbH & Co. KG, Geldern: PAPER

“Vision Experts’ inspection system provides us a reliable automated error analysis method in the event of paper tears. The impact on claims: The inspection system’s precise error analysis function provides clear documentation of paper defects, thus facilitating the claim process. It’s ideal!!”

Rudolf Sturme, Manager of the Web / Sheet Division

Müller Martini Druckmaschinen GmbH, Maulburg

“Being able to offer a perfected state-of-the-art quality assurance solution with our printing presses is very important to us. Plus: Working with the competent specialists at Vision Experts is always a pleasure.”

Wolfgang Ruoff, Product Manager Press Division

Oberndorfer Druckerei GmbH, Oberndorf (Austria): PAPER

“We choose Vision Experts as it is the technologically most modern system available. Alternative products are by far not so in step with the actual practise and not so easy to handle.”

Gerhard Rosenstatter, operating manager

Pharmadruck Rotaflor GmbH, Bad Dürkheim: PHARMACEUTICALS

“An objective, continuous in-line inspection is the most reliable method for ruling out errors in a print run. When printing for the pharmaceutical industry, there is no margin for error.”

Roland Veil, Managing Director

rlc packaging group: PHARMA

“Beyond the inspection of package inserts with Vision Experts, we have also equipped our new machines in the folding carton production area with the same inspection system. With the inspection systems from Vision Experts, we are very close to our goal of comprehensive quality control from the very beginning of the process.”

Hans-Jürgen Katzer, CEO

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Stark Druck GmbH + Co. KG, Pforzheim: PAPER

“We’ve decided to equip all of our rotary machines with this system. We are primarily interested in increasing transparency during production and minimising the administrative expenses of the claim process by providing irrefutable evidence. By implementing this system in every one of our machines we also acquire information about the production processes and how they are affected by different types and qualities of paper.”

Andreas Ruf, Managing Partner

Stora Enso: DIGITAL

“The reliability,overall performance and dedication to perfect work of Vision Experts helps us to fulfill our customers needs for quality.”

Sari Häkli, Sales Manager of Stora Enso Digital Solutions

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