Inspection for package inserts with

Package inserts for pharmaceutical products are extremely sensitive printed products. In the worst-case scenario, flaws in the print process can affect the dosing instructions and hence endanger health. The statutory regulations laid down in the “Pharmaceutical and active ingredient production” ordinance make high demands of secondary packaging material, such as packing inserts for pharmaceutical products. Suppliers of printing services must also be approved by pharmaceutical manufacturers as part of their quality management system.

Previously, package inserts were only inspected on a random sample basis – this is no guarantee for them being free of defects. Only fully automatic inspection with the VISION EXPERT 4000 PHARMA inspection system ensures flaw-free printing of package inserts and guarantees products which are completely free of flaws.

Performance details:

  • Line scan camera technology up to a resolution of 16,000 pixels
  • Web inspection on both sides with one system
  • Can be used for web and sheet-fed printing machines
  • Reading of prepress data for automatic job setting
  • Inline PDF original comparison option
  • Intuitively simple operation
  • Clear display of flaws to the user
  • Detailed listing of all printing flaws in the log
  • Defective products can be separated out

The Vision Expert 4000 can be integrated directly into web presses, see example of Müller-Martini for example.

Your benefits:

  • Printing flaws are identified the moment they occur, reported to the machine operator and can be rectified without any loss caused by maculation
  • The cost-effectiveness of the production process increases
  • The quality of the product is immaculate
  • The level of customer satisfaction rises
  • You are safe from recourse claims made by your customers – a matter of prime importance
  • As an advanced user, you have a competitive advantage over printing plants not yet using our technology

Rapid acceptance due to the clear layout of the user interface (picture on left). The tolerance thresholds for flaw detection can be changed during the inspection (picture on right).